Q&A about the 1095 Form

On or before January 31, 2022, you may receive in your home mail a tax document(s) called a 1095. The form(s) will contain detailed information about HireRight’s medical plan coverage that you had or were offered in 2021. The following Q&A provides information about the form(s).

What is a 1095 form?

A 1095 form is a bit like a W-2. Your employer and your medical plan insurer sends one copy to the IRS and one copy to you. A 1095 form reports information about your medical plan coverage throughout the 2020 year.

Who will receive a 1095 form?

If you were enrolled in HireRight's medical plan coverage at any time during 2021, you will receive two 1095 forms: (1) A 1095-C and (2) a 1095-B.

If you were not enrolled in HireRight's medical plan coverage in 2021, you still may receive a 1095-C form if you worked, on average, 30 or more hours per week during 2021. You will not receive a 1095-B form.

What is the difference between a 1095-B and a 1095-C?

The forms are very similar. The main differences are (1) the information reported on the form and (2) who sends the form to you.

  • The 1095-C form will be sent to you by HireRight/Your Benefits Center. Part 1 of the form will report information about you and your employer (HireRight or GIS). Part 2 will report information about the coverage offered to you by your employer.
  • The 1095-B will be sent to you by Anthem Blue Cross of California. This forms reports information about your actual medical coverage, including any dependents covered by your insurance. The form will note the name of the medical plan sponsor which is Genuine Financial Holdings LLC (doing business as HireRight).

What do I need to do with the form(s)?

You do not need the 1095 forms to complete your taxes. The form(s) are not filed with your tax returns. These forms are being sent to you for informational purposes only. Generally, you should keep the forms as proof of insurance coverage.

If you are applying for a medical insurance premium tax through the Health Insurance Marketplace, you may need the information from the 1095-C to help determine your eligibility for the tax credit.

Please note that HireRight cannot provide information regarding the Health Insurance Marketplace or tax advice.

When should I expect the form(s) to arrive?

The deadline for the forms to be mailed is January 31, 2022. The respective forms will be mailed to you (if applicable) on or prior to this date. Please note, the forms may arrive at different times as they are being mailed by two different entities.

Where can I get additional information?

Information is available on the IRS website:  https://www.irs.gov/Affordable-Care-Act/Individuals-and-Families. Each form will list a contact phone number for questions.